Wills in Dayton, OH

Lovett3The population in Dayton, Ohio, is relatively young, with a median age in 2010 of roughly 34 years. At this age, most people are not thinking about wills and the future of their estate. You probably have not even accumulated much property to your name yet. But you, too, have possessions. As a Dayton estate planning attorney, I advise you to start thinking about what would happen to these possessions if you were to die tomorrow—morbid as that may sound.

One common way to plan for the future of your possessions is through the creation of a will. A will allows you to dictate who you want to be the beneficiary of your wealth and possessions—in other words, everything you own. If you have young children, a will also lets you decide who will become the guardian of those children.

Without a will, you lose all control over these parts of your life. Ohio state law will kick in and determine what happens to your assets and your children, which may or may not be in line with your wishes. To add insult to injury, a greater portion of your wealth will be lost to taxes if you have not had the foresight to draft a will.

Take the time now to plan for later. Drafting a will is not an overly lengthy process and can usually be completed within a few days. The estate lawyers at Lovett & Lovett Co., LPA have the experience you need to protect the future of your estate. Contact our Dayton, Ohio office to determine if a will is the best option for you and get ahead of the game.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Alejandro Street Photography via Compfight cc