A Guardianship is a proceeding in which a person handles the affairs of a minor or incapacitated adult.

For adults, the need for Guardianship arises when they can no longer handle their money or make personal decisions. For persons younger than eighteen, a Guardianship may be necessary to sell real estate but most often comes about when the child receives $10,000 or more, typically through an inheritance or from an insurance company.

Guardianships involving money are called a “Guardianship of the estate,” while a Guardian who handles a person’s non-financial affairs is called a “Guardian of the person.”

Probate Courts oversee Guardianships with much scrutiny, thereby making the proceedings complex and virtually assuring that an attorney is needed to represent the Guardian.

Our office has handled Guardianships for adults and minors in several counties in Ohio. If you believe that someone you care about needs a Guardian, contact us. We can help.