How Much Does Estate Planning Typically Cost?


The number one question that people ask about estate planning, that they all end up getting to, is what is this going to cost me? People have a natural fear of lawyers, and they are afraid of the fees. A lot of folks are afraid that the attorney is just going to hit them with this endless stream of bills, it will be incredibly expensive, and they have no control over the process. So, what I try to do, in almost all cases that we handle, is give a flat fee, up front, as soon as I know the work that we’re going to have to do. Typically, we get paid half up front, and half when people come in and sign the instruments.We take all major credit cards.

The point of me focusing in on the fees, is because this is something that a lot of people are uncomfortable addressing. I try to address it for them. Let’s get that fear off of the table. My job is to make people feel better leaving my office than they did coming in, and I need to get them feeling comfortable, so let’s get the almighty dollar out of the way in a hurry and deal with the fees as soon as we can. That’s the number one question that I end up encountering.