Marlon Brando’s Will Mistakes

Marlon Brando

He Made Them an Offer They Couldn’t Accept

Marlon Brando is an American icon. Even after his death, his executors kept tight control over his image, legacy, and estate. Brando’s legacy has continued to earn millions of dollars for his family even after his death. Unfortunately, Brando’s legacy has been marred by scandal due to the change he made in his will just days prior to his death. Many people allege that because Brando changed his will to appoint new executors, his wishes have not been honored.

What Did Marlon Brando Do Wrong?

He relied on oral promises to take care of someone he cared about after his death. If you want to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death, you must put your wishes in writing. Oral promises are not always enforceable. In most cases, as in Bando’s case, oral promises result in years of costly litigation. Since his death in 2004, there have been over two dozen lawsuits filed regarding his estate.

It is alleged that 13 days prior to his death, Brando amended his will to replace his longtime business manager and personal assistant, who had worked for him for more than 40 years, with new executors. Brando executed the amendment to his will in his bedroom because he was unable to leave his bedroom for weeks leading up to his death. He also exhibited paranoid tendencies; therefore, it is questionable whether Brando was competent when he executed the amendment.

Brando’s new executors have aggressively fought numerous lawsuits regarding promises Brando made to people prior to his death. For example, Marlon Brando’s caregiver, Angela Borlaza, filed a lawsuit claiming the new executors forced Brando to sign the amendment and then failed to honor verbal promises made to her by Brando prior to his death. Borlaza later settled the lawsuit out of court.

Appointing People Who Understand Your Wishes

It is crucial that you have everything you desire in writing prior to your death. However, it is also crucial that you appoint people to handle your estate who understand and who will honor your wishes after your death. Princess Diana made a similar mistake in her will.

Princess Diana executed a detailed will prior to her death. However, she included a letter asking her executors to divide her personal belongings between her sons and her 17 godchildren. Because Princess Diana left this important task up to the discretion of the executors, her godchildren did not receive the inheritance that she probably intended to leave them.

Make Sure Your Wishes Are Honored After Your Death

The only way to ensure your wishes are honored after your death is to put everything in writing and name executors you can trust. The Dayton will attorneys of Lovett & Lovett help individuals develop a comprehensive estate plan that encompasses all of their wishes. We help you protect your loved ones and your property during your lifetime and after your death. Contact our office by calling (937) 429-7730 to speak with an experienced probate lawyer.

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