Getting to Know My Client and Establishing Goals

As I begin to work with a new client to develop a nursing home plan, the first step is to get to know my client and to establish a relationship with my client. By learning who my client is, I can learn the goals my client wishes to accomplish through a nursing home plan. In some cases, the goal may be extremely clear — provide for the care and comfort of the person entering the nursing home, to provide for a spouse who remains at home, and protect that person’s assets.

In order to determine my client’s goal, I prefer to meet with my client in private whenever possible. It is unfortunate but family greed and family discord can often cloud the client’s true wishes. Effectively communicating with my client is crucial for establishing his or her needs, desires, and goals. Once we establish the goals and desires, we must also discuss how the client will pay for his or her nursing home care.

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