Why You Must Have A Power Of Attorney

If you can’t handle your money, then neither your spouse, nor anyone else, can do so. This could be a disaster! Checks could not be deposited or written, money could not be withdrawn, your house and cars could not be sold, and lawsuits could not be defended. Someone would have to be your Guardian. This could cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees. And, all of your finances would be in a court file that everyone could look at. A power of attorney lets a person you choose handle your affairs and avoid a Guardianship. If you do not have one, you should call us right away!

What Is A Financial Affairs Power of Attorney?

A Financial Affairs Power of Attorney lets someone endorse and deposit checks; sign a deed or mortgage; sell property; open and close accounts; change beneficiaries on insurance policies, a 401(k), and pensions; hire and fire lawyers, realtors, and accountants; prepare, sign, and file tax returns; and do other things for you.

Why Do I Need A Financial Power of Attorney?

If a person can’t act and there’s no power of attorney, then only a Guardian can legally act for him. The law does not automatically let anyone, not even a spouse, act for you. A Guardian must post a bond and account for all assets, income, and expenses each year in a detailed account that is open to public inspection. This can cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees and reduce a person’s privacy. A Power of Attorney avoids a Guardianship. This saves money, hassle, and public disclosure of your affairs.

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A power of attorney is just one part of a sound estate plan. We look at every asset and beneficiary to craft a plan that carries out your wishes. We take this thorough and careful approach in probate, guardianships, Medicaid and nursing home planning, personal injury, real estate, business and corporate, divorce and dissolution, criminal, traffic, DUI, collections, and trials in all local courts.

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