Long-Term Care in Centerville, OH

It is a fact of life — we all grow older. We cannot avoid aging, in fact, why would we want to avoid it. Growing older means that we are still here to enjoy spending time with family and friends, but getting older does have its challenges. As we age, we may need assistance performing some necessary tasks to care for ourselves and our homes. In many cases, our family members can provide the assistance we need as we grow older; however, the time may come when we need skilled, long-term care in a nursing home or other skilled facility.

Therefore, it is important to make plans for your future now. Careful planning can make the costs of long-term care affordable. Attorney George Lovett has been assisting the residents of Centerville plan for their future needs for many years. He has been named a specialist in estate planning, trust, and probate law by the Ohio State Bar Association. Mr. Lovett has the skills and experience you want in an attorney who is guiding you in something as important as planning for your future long-term care. Contact Lovett & Lovett by calling (937) 429-7730 to schedule an appointment to discuss your estate plan.

Serving Centerville, Ohio Residents with Sound Legal Advice

Lovett & Lovett is proud to be a member of the Centerville community. Encompassing parts of both Greene and Montgomery counties, Centerville is a thriving and growing city in the metropolitan area of Dayton. Founded in 1796, as “Centreville” by Benjamin Robbins, the U. S. Post Office changed the spelling to Centerville in 1900. Even though the town was founded in the late 1700s, it was not formally incorporated until 1968. Centerville offers a We are proud to serve the residents of Centerville when they need experienced legal counsel related to matters regarding estate planning and long-term care or nursing home planning.

Why Do I Need to Plan for Long-Term Care?

You may be wondering why you need to plan for something you may never need. While we hope you will never require long-term care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the fact is that it is better to be prepared to pay for long-term care than to need long-term care that you cannot afford.

Planning for your future financial and medical needs can be complex. It requires someone who understands Ohio probate and estate laws, tax laws, and Medicaid requirements. A comprehensive estate plan encompasses a variety of needs, including preparing for incapacitation and the need for long-term personal and medical care. Elder law and estate planning attorneys, like the attorneys at Lovett & Lovett, can help you create the legal framework you need to protect yourself, your family, and your assets in the event you need to move into a nursing home or other skilled care facility.

Private long-term care insurance is one way of paying for nursing home or skilled care. However, you also have other options that you should explore because private insurance may not be sufficient to cover all expenses. Long-term care planning also involves investigating other resources for paying for care including Medicaid, retirement benefits, personal assets, and veteran’s benefits. Our Centerville long-term care planning attorneys develop an integrated plan that ensures you will receive the care you need while protecting assets that your family will need to continue providing for their needs. It is our goal to help you find a feasible way to pay for long-term care without burning through your entire life savings and assets.

Our attorney will discuss a comprehensive estate plan that may include:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Life Insurance Trust
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Living Trust
  • Living Will
  • Medicaid Trust

Because each family’s and individual’s situation is unique, your estate plan and long-term care plan may be different from other plans. This is one of the top reasons to hire a Centerville estate planning attorney with extensive experience in elder, Medicaid, and probate law. Using forms you find online or using a company that promises inexpensive estate planning is dangerous. Your estate is too important to trust to a “one stop shop” that tries to fit everyone into a single plan.

Contact A Centerville Long-term Care Attorney Today

Do not wait too long to contact our office to consult with a Centerville estate planning attorney. Medicaid has an extensive “look back” period that can result in denial of benefits if you forego careful Medicaid planning now. You need to take action now to ensure you can afford the care you need by maximizing the benefits available to you from all sources.

Contact Lovett & Lovett (937) 429-7730 to speak with a Centerville elder attorney.  We can review your situation and offer a variety of options that can help you rest easier knowing that you have taken every step possible to provide for yourself and your family in the event you need long-term skilled care.