Do I Need to Update my Estate Plan if I’m Moving?

Selling a HouseHave you recently moved to Ohio due to a job change, marriage, birth of a grandchild, or other life event? If so, we are excited to have you in our area. Lovett & Lovett Co., LPA provides estate planning services to individuals throughout Ohio. Our experienced probate attorneys have extensive knowledge of Ohio probate laws and estate planning techniques. If you have an estate plan in place, we would like to review this plan with you to ensure the documents are comply with Ohio law and are validly executed pursuant to Ohio’s requirements for wills and other estate documents.

If you do not have an estate plan, we want to help you put one in place to protect your assets and your family. An effective estate plan provides for you and your family if you become incapacitated. An estate plan also allows you to choose your heirs and distribute your property how you desire. Without an estate plan, Ohio intestate laws will dictate who your heirs are and how your property is distributed to those heirs. Charities and friends will not be considered heirs. Without an estate tax plan, your heirs may be required to pay estate or inheritance taxes. We can help you avoid problems by developing an estate plan that accomplishes you goals.

Estate Planning Tips When You Move

If you move to another state, you need to review your estate plan with a probate attorney licensed to practice in your new state as soon as possible. Your will and other documents may not be recognized under state law where your new residence is located. If you become incapacitated or you die, all of your careful preparation and planning could be for nothing. Therefore, the first step you should take is contacting our office to schedule an appointment to review your estate plan.

When you come to your appointment, bring your current will, trust agreements, healthcare directives, living wills, powers of attorney, and any other estate planning documents you have in place. Your spouse should have his or her own estate planning documents that should be reviewed separately from yours (do not assume your spouse’s documents are correct simply because your documents are valid).

Our estate planning lawyers will review your will and each of your documents to determine if the documents meet the legal requirements in Ohio. If any document does not meet our legal requirements, we can help you draft a new will or estate planning document to comply with Ohio laws.

You should routinely review your will and estate planning documents to determine if they need to be revised due to life changes other than moving to another estate. Our attorneys assist Ohio residents with this task too.

Have You Recently Moved to Ohio?

If you are new to the Dayton and Miami Valley area, welcome to our wonderful state. The estate planning attorneys of Lovett & Lovett Co., LPA want to help you ensure your estate plan is current and you have all of the documents you need to have your wishes carried out after your death.

Contact our office to request a free appointment with one of our experienced Ohio estate planning attorneys. Do not let a move invalidate your will so that your family’s inheritance is delayed or subject to Ohio intestate laws.