Dayton Originals celebrate our city’s ingenuity and spirit

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Dayton skyline - Lovett & Lovett Co., LPAI recently came across a wonderful idea on the part of the City of Dayton: it’s high time we celebrated Dayton as a “City of Originals.”

Our city has a long history of innovating. Dayton was the home of the Wright brothers, the men who invented the world’s first successful plane and are credited with the first successful flight. Dayton is, in fact, “one of the country’s leading producers of patents,” according to the city.

In celebration of this history of innovation, the City of Dayton has launched “Dayton Patented. Originals Wanted,” which puts a well-deserved spotlight on the local businesses that make up Dayton. See below for some of the businesses that have been nominated, and be sure to check them out in person by visiting or volunteering!

Hospice of Dayton: Dayton resident Betty Schmoll, after caring for her own terminally ill mother, led the way to create a non-profit hospice in 1978. Miami Valley hospitals contributed staff, resources, and space. In the beginning, the hospice had only five patients and $3000 in funding. Thirty-five years later, the Hospice of Dayton now serves 4,000 patients and their families. The hospice also provides bereavement services free of charge to anyone.

Riverscape MetroPark: This park is a gem of Dayton and the site of innumerable activities throughout the year. This family-friendly park is a great place to ride bikes, watch birds and other wildlife, and walk through the gardens. In addition, the park hosts many concerts and events.

Oregon Arts District: Great galleries, good food, and diverse people are the hallmarks of the Oregon Arts District. There, you can also find film houses, comedy clubs, coffee shops, workout studios, and more.

Dayton Golf Centers: The Community Golf Club, Kittyhawk Golf Center, and Madden Golf Course make up the City of Dayton’s Division of Golf. The Kittyhawk Golf Course has the distinction of being the largest public golf facility in the state. These beautiful golf courses offer scenic views and challenging play. The courses are loved by experts and novices alike. 

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