Questions people ought to ask their lawyer center on how much expertise the lawyer has. And this directly goes to how much of it do you do? In my field where I do estate planning, probate, trust, and nursing home planning there’s not a lot of lawyers that do a lot of the Medicaid planning work. Folks ought to ask lawyers, how many cases do you do, how many do you do a month? In particular with estate planning folks should focus on how much of the difficult work does the lawyer do. Because if a lawyer doesn’t handle any difficult cases, how is he going to know if he is facing one? A lot of things can be overlooked but with an experienced, well-trained eye an attorney can pick up on the difficult cases and make sure there is no problem. But even if your case is not difficult isn’t it nice knowing that you have someone that can handle the most difficult cases out there? So what people should do is ask an attorney, how many living trusts do you do a month? How many do you do in a year? For Medicaid planning, how many Medicaid appeals have you handled? How many Medicaid cases do you do in a year? Those are the types of things that they ought to be asking their lawyer.