What Assets Can a Spouse Keep?

Earlier, I answered a question about what assets can the spouse at home keep, and I discussed that the spouse at home can keep the house, she can keep the nicest car, she can keep everything in the house, she can keep prepaid funerals and durable medical equipment. What I’d like to also make clear is that spouse at home can also keep something called a “community spouse resource allowance,” and the way that works, is that Medicaid is not going to impoverish that spouse at home. They’re going to let her keep some of the wealth that the couple has right now.

In addition to keeping the house, the car, and the other exempt assets, Medicaid is going to let her keep half, or $113,000 of the remaining assets, whichever is less, and that’s six figures of wealth. That’s a big amount of money that a spouse may be able to keep. It’s important for a spouse to realize that if she’s at home, not only does she keep those exempt assets, but she can also keep that community spouse resource allowance.