Receipt of Medicaid benefits is something that you need to carefully review the Medicaid determination once you get it. It is a written instrument that Medicaid gives you that explains what you have to pay each month. We call this the patient liability. You need to carefully review that to make certain that it does not have you paying more than you have to. Every person in a nursing home on Medicaid is spending part or all of their income on their care. What you want to do is take a close look at the determination when you first get it and make sure they aren’t paying too much. Furthermore what you want to do, if you have a spouse involved, is make sure she is receiving the maximum amount of benefit she can have. What that translates into is you want to make sure she is getting income of the nursing home resident if she is entitled to it. So it is crucial to look at the written Medicaid determination as soon as you get it.