You Need an Experienced Ohio Nursing Home Planning Attorney Now

Each situation is unique. For example, nursing home planning is much different for an individual who owns his or her own home versus an individual who lives with his or her family prior to moving into the nursing home. In order to meet the needs of your family member while also protecting assets, you need a strong estate plan that encompasses nursing home planning. The estate planning attorneys of Lovett & Lovett have extensive experience developing estate plans for individuals that encompasses nursing home plans. The sooner you begin, the better you can provide for your loved one.

We urge you to contact Lovett & Lovett to schedule a consultation with one of our probate attorneys. Our attorneys can answer your questions about nursing home planning and explain the steps involved in developing a plan that is right for you and your family. We also urge you to read our Guide to Medicaid Planning for Nursing Home Care. We answer your questions regarding Medicaid and nursing home care as well as provide information about how you can take steps to maximize your Medicaid benefits if you anticipate being a nursing home resident in the future.


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