Decedents’ Estates in Dayton, Ohio

Lovett2If someone you hold near and dear to your heart is approaching the end of his or her life in Dayton, you need to be thinking about what will happen to his or her estate after death. If it is not too late, it is always best to plan ahead. This is especially important because it gives owners the chance to specify exactly what they want to happen to their assets when they are gone.

Estate planning is the process of planning for the future of your property, real and personal, in anticipation of your death. If done ahead of time, the property owner can choose to draft such documents as a will or a trust that designates the recipient(s) of the assets and the precise manner in which the assets will be received.

However, sometimes life catches us off guard here in Dayton, Ohio; a loved one dies, and we are left with that person’s estate on our hands. If heretofore no measures have been taken to plan for the administration of the decedent’s assets, there are a lot of complicated details that will need to be sorted out.

Had that person established a power of attorney? Had he or she drafted a will? A trust? Was that person a co-owner of a business? Regardless of the answer to any one of these questions, an experienced Dayton estate planning attorney can help you sort out these sometimes messy situations.

If done right, Dayton estate planning can skillfully help you to avoid losing a major portion of the total assets to hefty taxes. Lovett & Lovett Co., LPA can help you resolve disputes, pay the decedent’s debts, and make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

You have questions and concerns about how to handle a decedent’s affairs. We have answers. The Dayton estate planning attorneys at Lovett & Lovett Co., LPA have handled thousands of estate cases. Let us help you get your affairs, or those of a deceased loved one, in order.

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