Dayton, OH Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning Attorney

Lovett2Here in Dayton, Ohio, we are lucky to have some of the nation’s top hospitals right at our fingertips, one of which is the nationally recognized Miami Valley Hospital. We take care of our residents, young and old and everything in between.

You can take comfort, then, knowing that you will find great nursing home care as well for you, your spouse, or your parents as aging becomes a reality.

However, with great care often comes great bills. This is especially true with nursing home costs.

If you or a loved one is facing an extended or permanent stay in a nursing home, you are facing big bills—it’s as simple as that. Dayton nursing homes can cost over $5,000 a month—this can quickly wipe out a lifetime of savings.

However, don’t think that you don’t have any options—you always have options. Let the experienced Medicaid planning attorney and nursing home planning attorney at Lovett & Lovett Co., LPA in Dayton, Ohio, help you plan for this inevitable part of your future. I will inform you of your options and do everything I can to maximize the amount of assets you keep within the family. Don’t let nursing home care drain your bank account. Contact me today or schedule an appointment.

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