Dayton, OH Estate Planning Lawyer

Lovett1We have no way of knowing when we will take our last breath. We cannot plan for this—and this is probably for the best. This is why we have to live each day as if it were our last day, discovering all there is to discover around Dayton, OH, and enjoying this “Gem City” of ours and the unique Midwest qualities of Montgomery County.

One thing we can plan for, however, is what to do with the assets we leave behind. Anything you own, whether that is a house, car, business, or merely money in your bank account, will be ownerless once you die. You take special care to protect these things right now, while you are living. Why, then, would you not make sure that the same is true for them when you are no longer here? What will happen to these things? Where will they go? Who will take them over?

These are questions that you must think about. With the help of a Dayton estate planning lawyer, we can help you think through all of these questions that, until now, you might not have thought of. And we can help you come up with the best answers for them.

Together, we will sit down and map out the plan of action that best suits your personal property and situation. There are many ways to go about planning for the future of your estate. From trusts to wills to powers of attorney, it can get confusing. We are here to help make it less confusing for you.

Contact the Dayton estate lawyers at Lovett & Lovett Co., LPA to get your future on track.

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