Top 7 Estate Planning Tips

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Estate planning can be an uncomfortable reminder of mortality, but it is a necessary milestone that all competent adults must complete in order to preserve their hard-earned assets and property for future generations. The following are our top seven tips for anyone considering implementing an estate plan or making changes to an existing portfolio.

Tip 1: Jump right in

As mentioned above, estate planning can be uncomfortable, and there will definitely be discussions concerning end-of-life decisions, dividing property among children, and pre-planning for mental incompetency. However, putting it off any longer will not do you or your children any good in the long run.

If you are nervous about the process, rest assured a competent estate planning attorney will be able to help ease you through the conversation and will have the final documents ready for execution in a matter of weeks.

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Tippecanoe Farmers Market gets new name, location

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The Tippecanoe Farmers Market, Tipp City’s destination for delicious, locally grown produce, plants, and other goods, has been given a new name and location this year.

The market, renamed the Tipp City Marketplace, is now located at the corner of South Third and Broadway streets in downtown Tipp City.

Along with the new name and location, the market is changing to expand its focus to include health and wellness. The market will continue to offer healthy, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and baked goods as well as natural products, plants, artwork, and crafts. Now, however, the market will also offer healthy cooking demonstrations, recipes, and information about healthy living. [Read more…]

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